Automated Forex Trading System Product Reviews


Top 2 Fully Automated Forex Trading Systems Reviewed And Rated

Traders and prospective traders have consistently looked for automated Forex trading systems that could monitor, select and place profitable trades for years

Until the last few years the Forex market mainly had automated Forex systems that produced Forex signals that the trader would then place a manual order.  While there are several good Forex signal systems they still require an emotional decision by the trader to trade or not trade.

Over the last few years several Fully Automated Forex System Trading products have been developed.  These systems trade through strict guidelines that are programmed into the system.  The automated Forex system then monitors the market for programmed characteristics.  When the correct conditions are found the Forex System executes the trade, monitors the trade and then exits the trade independently of the trader.

New traders have really liked these "Forex Robots" because of the simplicity and profit capabilities.  Experienced traders like these programs because is allows them to trade 24/5 without sitting in front of a computer monitor all the time.

While there are several Fully Automated Forex System Trading products on the market, some are good and some will just take your money. 

I evaluated each system based on several criteria including:  Accuracy, Customer Comments, Time on the market, Difficulty in learning, Price of product and Live trading results.


Below are suggested products that are top rated Forex Systems.  There are 2 each for the Fully Automated System and 2 for the Forex Signal System.  They are presented in order of overall rank.


Top 2 Rated Forex Trading Systems


Fully Automated Forex Trading Systems:



FapTurbo has been on the market for several years and has consistently obtained the highest recommendation of all the products.
Fapturbo is a Fully Automated Forex Trading System.  It is very easy to use for the new trader and the experienced trader.  The system comes with extensive features.  However, you can trade "right out of the box" with the default settings within about 15 minutes.

So far no other program matches the features and benefits of Fapturbo for ease of use and potential profits.  The program is easy to setup and has a great set of videos to help with the process, if needed.

Of great significance is that Fapturbo has extensive LIVE TRADING RESULTS with multiple currency pairs.  Most other programs have limited live results or just Demo or Simulated results. 
Fapturbo can trade 5 currency pairs.  Most programs trade only 1-2 pairs.  Faptubro has a scalper and long term strategy.

Fapturbo also gives you a 60 day Money Back Guarantee so you can run it essentially free for 60 days to see for yourself. 

You may want to hurry.  Rumor is that Fapturbo is changing in the near future from the current low cost lifetime Purchase approach to a Monthly subscription approach.


To get started or for more information visit the FapTurbo website:  FapTurbo


FapTurbo Expert Guide:



Obviously this is not a Forex Trading system.

To my knowledge Fapturbo is the only Fully Automated Forex Trading System that has been so well received that it has resulted in an aftermarket product that further optimizes the settings and success of the program from its' already very successful trading ability.

Rob Casey has produced the FAPTurbo Expert Guide.  This guide provides a tested and systematic process to refining the important settings in Fapturbo. While an optimized long term strategy is presented the primary focus is to work with the FapTurbo Scalping mode, which is already very good.

The Guide will help owners of the Fapturbo Trading Robot to easily understand Fapturbo more completely. Therefore having greater chances of making more money.  Even very experienced Fapturbo users have been surprised with the amount of profit they were missing when not using the more optimized settings presented in the Expert Guide.

The FapTurbo EXPERT GUIDE is updated regularly and new settings are tested in live trading before they are released.  Also, if market conditions change and certain currency pairs get to irregular, then the Expert Guide will indicate that you should not trade a currency pair until it is more predictable.

The Expert Guide offers a 60 day NO RISK “Money Back Guarantee.”  There are no recurring fees and you will have immediate access to Casey’s years of trading experience.


To get started or for more information visit the FAPTurbo Expert Guide website:  FapTurboExpertGuide





ForexMegaDroid is my second choice for a Fully Automated Forex Trading System.  Less live trading results are available than for Fapturbo, but the results for ForexMegaDroid are very good.  This product was released in March 2009.

ForexMegaDroid uses artificial intelligence and is programmed to adjust to changing market conditions.  ForexMegaDroid uses Reverse Correlated Time & Price Analysis or RCTPA.    This allows ForexMegadroid to attempt to predict what is going to happen in the market in the near future – the next 2 – 4 hours with high accuracy.

While trading results are good, the limitation is that it trades only 1 currency pair, the EUR/USD currently.  Also, it tends to place fewer trades but with high accuracy.

This Forex System is for new traders looking to build their accounts or experienced traders looking for time leverage by trading more extensive hours.

In conclusion, ForexMegaDroid has high accuracy for predicting the market that has been tested and is used by the developers themselves. They provide a good support system along with a full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

To get started or for more information visit the Forex MegaDroid website: 

Forex MegaDroid




Top 2 Automated Forex Signal Trading Systems:


Forex Rebellion:


It’s important to emphasize that Forex Rebellion is not a Forex EA or Robot, it doesn’t trade automatically.  Forex Rebellion is a Manual Forex Signal Trading System comprised of unique indicators and a good money management system.

Forex Rebellion is not a software program as such. However, you have to to set up the supplied indicators and follow the rules.  You have precise Entry, Exit, Stops and Money Management.

This is a highly tested system.  When traded correctly you should expect an astounding 80%+ accuracy!   In fact, after beta testing Forex Rebellion, several of the senior trader testers switched their trading to the Forex Rebellion approach.

With Forex Rebellion you can trade any currency pair and multiple time frames.

Every single detail is disclosed on how to recognize and trade the setups.  Almost as important as a winning trade is that it filters out nearly all bad trades, which can be costly and mentally draining.

Forex Rebellion has what is called "trader assistant" that alerts you to when a trade has set up.  That way you don't have to be constantly "glued" to your computer screen.  When you hear the alert you can go to your computer and determine the trade situation.

The system is simple and works for all traders, from beginners to experts.  There are a large number of training videos in the Members Section.  However, it is a relatively simple system and you may not need all the videos.

Forex Rebellion provides a good support system along with a full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.


To get started or for more information visit the Forex Rebellion website: 

Forex Rebellion



LMT Forex Formula:



LMT is not a Forex robot that trades for you.  You get software which shows you the trades but they do NOT place trades for you.  LMT combines both the human element and software which takes you through 4 KEY RULES to make sure you have a winning trade.

This is NOT a scalping style system.  This Forex Signal system is designed for longer term trend or position trading with earning of 100+ pips per trade as a target.

LMT suggests 10 currency pairs to trade, because it trades on the daily charts.

One negative with LMT Forex Formula is a "learning curve" that is a little longer than the above systems.  You also have to be available when the daily bar closes each day.

However, if you have limited time LMT is for you.  Many have indicated that you only need 10-15 minutes a day to check your trades, set stop limits, close out and withdraw your profits. 

The system is fully explained in detail on their website.   You also receive a full 60-Money Back Guarantee.

To get started or for more information visit the LMT Forex Formula website:

LMT Forex Formula